Eating The Other : Desire And Resistance By Bell Hooks

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In analyzing both essays, Eating the Other: Desire and Resistance by Bell Hooks and There Is No Unmarked Woman by Deborah Tannen the authors address societal problems that highlight and emphasize the differences that certain groups in society must face and overcome, although the targets in both of the examples of societal dilemma between the two are very different, they both accurately represent how unjust the modern social structure is. Tannen begins her essay with the description of three different women, marking each of them in their own way and finishing that sequence by explaining that there is nothing to be marked of the men. Throughout the entirety of the essay she explains how society puts pressure on women and that the markings aren 't only on the female appearance but with the names they identify with, and even genetically. In the essay by Bell Hooks, Hooks immediately jumps into the controversy. She states that race and ethnicity “spice up” the norm of culture in today’s society by metaphorically voicing that “eating the Other” establishes power and privilege. In order for the white supremacists to keep order and control they must first exploit the Others, based on Hooks essay racist domination is inevitable and a mutual recognition for racism was required for any form of legitimate interaction without denial and a sense of fantasy. In Tannen’s essay, the problem seen in society is that of marking, more importantly the marking of women. When referring to the

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