Eaton Corporation: Business Analysis

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I am an Operations Manager for a critical power business for Eaton Corporation. I am responsible for an $18m ledger and all operations in four states in the Midwest (MN, WI, IL and IN). There are 22 direct reports in my area and I manage every aspect of the business to include hiring, terminations, performance management, customer satisfaction, profit and loss, operational excellence and the like. I have been individually responsible for the creation of IT initiatives and the project management of these initiatives which have been some of the largest projects ever attempted by Eaton IT. These projects have resulted in incremental revenue in the US Service business of > $11m annually and a cost savings of $1.8m. The IT initiatives have been so effective that the programs have been implemented in Canada, Australia/New Zealand and will be implemented in Central America, South America and APAC in 2019. I am currently working with the leadership in these areas to accomplish this global initiative.…show more content…
After transitioning out of the US Navy, I started working for Exide Electronics which was sold and bought many times throughout the years. Although I started to work for Exide Electronics, I have continued with the same business unit which is now owned by Eaton and in February will be 24 years.

In addition to my primary role with Eaton Corporation, I also have other endeavors which I pursue in my spare time. I have intellectual property and have several designs that I have developed over the years. I have one patent that published and several other projects which I am working on. The key is to monetize the IP, I continue to work on developing the business when I have the
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