Ebay : An American Business Executive

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Ebay is short for Echo Bay, which was the name for his consulting firm at the time is the Online Marketplace for the world. A company that deals with sale and goods and they are passionate about their service that they provide. There are millions of buyers and seller that visit eBay every day, Businesses and individuals.
Ebay a company that made its name for buyers to bid on items of interest and for users to browse through a search engine for a broad market of items online world wide. Ebay-Inc., was founded by a 28-year-old software developer in September 1995 by Pierre Omidyar 's San Jose living room. On eBay one can conduct worldwide person-to-person trading, or sales which could be in the a forms of a garage sales, flea markets, collectibles shows items, and others means of trading and buying online. However, eBay is one of the largest Marketplace for buying and selling merchandises. Devin Norse Wenig is an American business executive, who is serving as President and CEO of eBay.
Like with all good business, eBay business plans are not complicated, but are rather simple to the customers’ needs first and then the order of business after. It is easy for a customer to enlist their item for sale immediately after registering on eBay. There are certain fees charge for the seller, but the customer or the bidder doesn’t have to pay any fees and charges. Signing into your eBay account requires you to use your username and password signing on the account. An account is your…
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