Ebay : An American Business Executive

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Ebay is short for Echo Bay, which was the name for his consulting firm at the time is the Online Marketplace for the world. A company that deals with sale and goods and they are passionate about their service that they provide. There are millions of buyers and seller that visit eBay every day, Businesses and individuals. Ebay a company that made its name for buyers to bid on items of interest and for users to browse through a search engine for a broad market of items online world wide. Ebay-Inc., was founded by a 28-year-old software developer in September 1995 by Pierre Omidyar 's San Jose living room. On eBay one can conduct worldwide person-to-person trading, or sales which could be in the a forms of a garage sales, flea markets,…show more content…
Like don 't click any links in the message that seem suspicious, Monitor your account for suspicious activity, and also install and update online protection software like antivirus software. To avoid unpaid for items sign up for unpaid item assistant, used eBay checkout, or offer PayPal service which make it easy for customers. Used Buy It Now price for immediate payment for auction buyers. Any fixed price item below $1000, a shipping cost is attach and let them know that PayPal is the only payment option. Another step to protect sales is to use the buyer requirement and buyer management tool to block buyers who have unpaid items or other violation on record. This feature is also affective for a specific buyer or buyers abroad in worldwide countries. Ebay has offer a generous return policy for their customers. Shoppers are more likely to buy from a company when they know that they have the option to return an item ebay adopted the strategies to increase sells. That is why eBay offering a generous return policy just makes sense for a good business option. They want to make managing returned item as efficient as possible and they advise their sellers to be proactive about the way they list your item—and always respond to buyer requests in a timely fashion. They also, provide a return widow of 30 days. Offer to pay for the shipping label for return, waive restacking fees. A refund or exchange is permitted upon return if inventory is
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