Ebay Case Study

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Strategic Management
EBay Case Study

1. A). EBay’s greatest opportunities are: a. Long auction time-10 to 15days is too long for customers to wait b. Localizing their website all over the world c. Acquiring Skype and they have begun to integrate buyers and sellers d. Mobile phones, social media trends, will help them try to keep up with Amazon
B). EBay’s greatest threats are:
a. Constant Hacking and Fraud transaction b. Copyright problems-companies may sue for selling their contents c. Amazon is the main competitor, Google and Yahoo are not far behind d. Globally, will face local competition e. Phishing and scams that ask for EBay accounts 2. A). EBay’s greatest strengths are:
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Buy.com is similar to eBay’s portfolio for business. However, the buy.com is more predictable in what the prices are for products and also fills in the gaps for products that are not offered on eBay. It does not have the live auctions that eBay is known for.

International expansion plays a major role in eBay’s goals. EBay has noticed the increase of international buyers and sellers and needs to make advancement into the international world, and they must do it wisely. When trying to go into China, they failed because they did not have the international knowledge. Now seeing that America, is gaining more international people (i.e. Mexicans, Chinese, etc…) they must gain that international knowledge and expand into international countries that are vital to their market share. Without expanding, they could potentially lose a large part of the market, and that could allow for competition to take

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