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EBay has a very wide range of target marketing mainly because of the wide range of product available at it’s website. Millions of items like collectibles, appliances, computers, equipment and many more miscellaneous items are listed, bought or even sold on a daily basis. In other word, eBay generally target online auction and shopping communities.

However, eBay also has business strategies to target specific segment of the market. From the entire wide range of items available, eBay originally was set up to promote and sell antique and collectibles. This causes eBay to focus more on this segment market. Another key market segment for eBay would be the car and motor enthusiast. This is because of the unexpected popularity
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Besides that, another strategy called Fully Focused, which are considered for firms that has a limited range of service offerings with a narrow specific market. These are usually niche, which allow firms to charge premium prices for the services. However the risk of having a small targeted market may be too small to generate needed volume of a business.
Other than that, a firm that has a fairly broad market with a narrow range of service is classified as Service Focused. Firms adopting this need to constantly develop new knowledge, while new segments are constantly added. Finally, by having a broad market with a wide range of services, a firm best to adopt the Unfocused strategy.

Source: Johnston, R (1996). Achieving focus in service organizations. The Service Industries Journal, 16 (January), pp. 10-20.
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Although it is said you can buy anything on eBay, from cars and computers to clothing formerly worn by celebrities, eBay can generally be categorized as Service Focused. This is due to the very broad market, even though eBay may focus on the two main ones, with a narrow range of service. It may be a little confuse considering the broad list of items eBay may offer these items on it’s site, however the core service of eBay is providing these items, provided by the sellers, to be auctioned or sold. That is mainly eBay’s function, which considers as low service offerings.
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