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The name “eBay” ( is synonymous with “online auctions”. Founded in September 1995, the company qualifies as a genuine cultural and economic phenomenon (Bunnell, 2000, p.vii). The site can be credited with creating and defining an entire industry and has remained the dominant force in the online auction world, with anywhere from 70 to 90 percent of the person-to-person online auction market. eBay is also the 15th most visited site ( on the web. In the face of large competitors such as eBay, internet powerhouse, Auctions (, is battling for online auction dominance over eBay. Amazon is not just a bookseller but also a genuine e-commerce platform for…show more content…
This is evident in the searches conducted, where eBay returned greater results and more bidding activity (see above). When registering as a buyer on eBay, users are required to accept the terms on which eBay offers you access to their services as described in the ‘User Agreement’ (please find enclosed both sites user agreements). At, no such process exists, and if users of the service wish to view such agreements, they must go in search for it themselves, which can be tedious and time consuming, as it is buried in the help section of the website (Help > Using Your Account > Marketplace, Auctions & zShops > Participation Agreement).

Both sites have appropriate security measures, featuring secure server’s, usernames, passwords and verification services. When signing in, users are given the choice of logging in using a secure or standard server. In both cases, the secure server takes longer, but means that personal information is kept safe 100% of the time. Once logged in, users are able to view the auction sites privacy agreement, detailing the privacy practices with customer information. If buyers are cautious in any way, both sites enable you to instantly check the reputation or business practices of anyone. The feedback forum is a place where users leave comments about each other's buying and selling experiences. If you're a bidder, check
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