Ebay: “the World’s Largest Online Marketplace”- a Case Study

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eBay: “The world’s largest online marketplace”- A Case Study J.Gopalkrishnan* V.K Gupta** Abstract eBay, Inc. is the largest and most popular marketplace on the Internet, allowing members to buy and sell almost anything. Launched in 1995, about 147 million people now use eBay. An estimated 430,000 people in the United States make all or most of their living by selling on eBay. eBay’s online payment service, called PayPal, enables transactions nearly anywhere in the world. eBay proclaims “trust” between buyers and sellers as the key to the success of the marketplace. eBay is the “The world’s Online Marketplace”, which is its positioning statement, and it means many things about the company’s identity. It enables trade on local, national and…show more content…
We encourage you to treat others the way you want to be treated”. These community values mean that the entire strategy lies in “trust” to build e-loyalty, for longterm profitable relationships, these set of core values encourages open and honest communication between its members. Corporate strategy The whole foundation of eBay, lies on the idea that practically anything that can be bought and sold can be facilitated through this Internet retailer, and this auction platform provider was implementing the concept of e-commerce even more forcefully. “We help people trade practically anything on earth and conduct commerce through the Internet on a global basis” is certainly eBay’s business model .This model was so effective and efficient in conducting transactions that more and more people preferred to trade online, so that they can enjoy the comfort at home or work-places and still buy things online just by the click of the mouse. Today eBay users can bid anything from office equipments to real estate to cars. It is surprisingly true but perplexing that “Why has eBay prevailed, but others have failed?” Though many of its successes resulted from its adaptive approach, eBay’s accomplishments can also be explained by the company’s consistent focus on two long-term goals that is “becoming the world’s largest consumer to consumer online auction house and building out each of the five core strategies”. An analysis into these strategies reveal that eBay

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