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Basically if look into another online retailer such as Amazon, it also the electronic commerce and the world largest online retailer web store that could be beat with eBay. First of all, Amazon started as an online bookstore but soon expand to other field such as selling DVDs, CDs, video games, electronic products, food, clothing and toys. Amazon makes profit through the website when single item is being sold. Amazon also provides companies to advertise their product as well as paying the listed products. It multi-trading strategy is tend to make consumer becoming more updated and convenience their trading time by using non-traditional way. Moreover, both Amazon and eBay have their own online platform to sell product. In fact, eBay…show more content…
On Amazon side, seller can sell their product without taking any photos but ebay sellers seem very hard in posting a nice photo. Furthermore, the key difference between eBay and Amazon are about their strategic in operating the business and not only about the auction, discount offer and fixed price sales. Most of the products that sell in eBay are not auction anymore. In another saying, eBay wants to brand itself to be more decentralized meanwhile Amazon wants to be more centralized. The meaning of eBay that wanted to be decentralized as in selling their products and cooperated with other business partners such as GSI / PayPal partner. Amazon generally wanted to centralize itself as the biggest online web store only. According to Alex Rampell, the TrialPay Ceo, there is no any other brands that can beat with Amazon price. It gives the better experience to all the target consumer. It eventually growth in market year by year and successfully make used of online shopping concept. However, ebay is using other strategy to grab their customer. If roughly go through the eBay webpage, there is a lot of auction and advertisement. They do focus a lot in promotion stuff to attract the shoppers. It works from smaller online web store until today becoming the largest worldwide online marketplace. They are rated as top seller and many transactions can be made through PayPal as well. If talk about their strategy in retain consumer, both web store are more

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