Ebbets Field

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Ebbets Field Baseball has always been something that I have loved. Whenever I get the opportunity to be around baseball I am. I enjoy every aspect of the game, the pastime and now. That is why I chose the piece of art I did for this paper. For my piece of artwork, I didn’t choose a piece of art that was extremely famous by any means. I actually chose a piece of art that most people probably don’t even know exists. The piece of art I chose was Ebbets Field Giclee on Canvas by a man named Al Sorenson. Neither the painting or the artist are known very well, but this work of art actual made me feel something when I looked at it that provided me with the urge to write my paper about it. Some people may not enjoy it, but the sole fact that…show more content…
The painting is set in 1960 so the cars that are on the road are older, and the fans clothes are much different than what would be worn to a baseball game these days. A man wearing a suit to a baseball game these days is looked at as a VIP member who probably has very nice seats, but back in the 1960's pretty much every man wore a suit to any occasion. Also on the street along the side of the stadium it looks like there are souvenir stands where the fans can get a foam finger or a team t-shirt. The use of the acrylic paint that Sorenson used in this painting was something that I thought was really unique, I haven't seen very many acrylic paintings before. I thought that it was a cool way to see the outside of a baseball stadium, it made everything pop out just a little bit more. For example, I thought it made the EBBETS FIELD sign at the top of the stadium look that much more appealing. I also think that the use of these paints makes everything seem much more energetic, which reflects what the atmosphere at a baseball game is like on a nice summers day at the ballpark. I think when Sorenson was working on this piece he was thinking about how the different colors would affect the vibes that the painting gave the people who looked at it. For example, the people around the entry way going into the park are all wearing bright colors, again I think this could be Sorenson trying to use the bright colors to represent their
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