Ebola And Influenza Personal Statement

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“Eureka!” My mentor and I both screamed simultaneously as we analyzed the tiny but strongly expressed bands on gel electrophoresis (used to determine whether certain DNA/protein molecule present at the sample). Another fellow researcher from adjacent lab rushed to see what happened as we still absorbing our findings. When he also observed the gel (gel electrophoresis), his eyes sparkled and jaw dropped and took several moments to grasp the findings before congratulating us, as my mentor rushed toward his phone to inform his other colleagues. As melodramatic as it might sound, that was our initial reaction as we finally succeeded in purifying (extracting and expressing) synthetic spider silk. And why shouldn’t it? For the first time after two years of hard work and dedication, after pipetting samples until my thumb ached, we finally succeeded in purifying silk protein. …show more content…

McLachlan to develop a genetic-engineered antimicrobial-recombinant spider silk complex that would significantly reduce the spread of epidemic diseases including Ebola and Influenza. Although I was a high school student, I was able to participate in a research project that would significantly affect the medical field. Therefore, I worked for six days a week, observing and shaping the growth of the remedy that would save thousands of innocent lives in future. As we prepared the sample to run a gel (gel electrophoresis), the adrenaline started rushing through every fiber of my veins, and my pulse pounding. After all, this was not the first time we ran a gel to determine the presence of the synthetic silk protein. After a repeated failure of nine times, we double-checked each step, calculation, and method. Carefully, we placed the gel inside the machine and pressed, “Run”; the sign of a new breakthrough was on its

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