Ebola Crisis In America

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Hey! So I was reading this essay in the book that I bought for my English 101 class about how the horrible stuff you see on the news is COMPLETELY blown out of proportion sometimes and I just thought, “Wow, that’s completely true.” ‘Cause sometimes it’s just ridiculous! Like a couple years ago when there was that Ebola crisis and people TOTALLY freaked out! In reality, not many people in America got it and yet SO MANY PEOPLE were afraid of getting it. Like, what the hell? That’s stupid. People can be worried about the people who ARE getting it, but to actually think you’d contract it yourself is completely unrealistic! People seriously need to calm down. Not only that, but news reporters just look for dramatic stuff to cover when they don’t have any other good stories to freak people out with. In the essay I read, the writer said that in the summer of 2001, shark attacks were ALL OVER the news - when really, the number of shark attacks each year hadn’t gone up! 2001 was the same as any other year! I wasn’t even three years old when that happened, but I think that’s stupid. The media was CLEARLY just bored or something. Why would people be scared of a shark attack? That’s just silly. The author in the essay says that lightning…show more content…
AIRPLANES. I know SO MANY PEOPLE who are afraid of flying in an airplane just because they hear about plane crashes on the news! If you’re going to be afraid of something like that, you might as well be afraid of riding in a car, because that’s MUCH MORE LIKELY to happen! SO many airplanes go in and out of airports every day, yet you don’t hear about plane crashes NEARLY as much as car crashes! Car crashes are boring because they can’t hold hundreds of people. That’s why the media cares about plane crashes - a lot of people die at one time. Except those “at one time”s don’t happen very often! More people die in car crashes than plane crashes. Don’t be afraid of planes. It’s so unlikely that that’s how you’re going to
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