Ebola Epidemic And Impact On Us And African Economies Essay

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EBOLA EPIDEMIC AND IMPACT ON US AND AFRICAN ECONOMIES Insert your name Insert course name and code Insert name of the institution Insert name of the instructor Insert date of submission Ebola Epidemic and Impact on US and African Economies The Ebola epidemic is a viral disease that spreads very quickly and has high mortality rate. The outbreak is actually an international disaster at the moment and has created a lot of tension worldwide (Spark, 2015). Presently the epidemic is ongoing in most of West Africa countries with Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea being the most badly hit. The epidemic has been reported in Nigeria, Mali, United States, Senegal and Spain too (World Bank, 2015). However, the epidemic has been maintained in most of the countries except in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea where Ebola is yet to be controlled. It is worth noting that other countries especially African countries are at a high risk of reporting cases of Ebola making governments from all parts of the world to remain alert (The World Bank, 2014). The Ebola epidemic has economically affected both countries where its cases have been reported and countries that have not reported cases of Ebola. The most affected economies are that of the US and other African countries (World Bank, 2015). In Africa, especially West African States where the disease has spread rapidly, Ebola has slowed down economic growth. It is very unfortunate that the epidemic has destroyed the economies of poor

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