Ebp Innovations Model

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As the clinical instructor for maternal/child at a small rural hospital, this writer has had the opportunity to watch a small rural hospital make great strides at putting EBP models in place. As mentioned in the first discussion thread the hospital is making efforts to achieve Magnet Status, It has been interesting seeing EBP put into place. As an educator, this writer often uses the verbiages of EBP to her students, and I was able to explain the poster displays that the hospital was using for the staff to see just what was taking place. Implementation of EBP is not just a one step process, but is a step-by-step process. The Diffusion of Innovations Theory identifies five steps to implementing change: Knowledge, persuasion, decision, implementation, and…show more content…
In a study done in Sweden investigators used continuous KC for neonatal intensive care infants. Previously, the infants that were admitted to neonatal intensive care units did not have the chance to do KC, and the mothers often felt removed from their infants. What the researchers discovered is that continuous KC was not feasible for various reason, the qualitative information that the study showed is propelling them to do another study with slight variations (Blomqvist, & Nyqvist, 2010). A similar descriptive study was carried out using two neonatal intensive care units to investigate: patterns of KC application, the effect on infants, and the parents’ experiences. Their qualitative findings indicated that the staffs’ attitude and the environment were the key components as to parents performing KC (Blomqvist, Frolund, Rubertsson, & Nygvist, 2012). Another such cohort, controlled study using KC involved preterm, low birth weight, and infants born to diabetic mothers. The significant statistics showed that for infants that received KC their hospital length of stay was shorter, and breastfeeding rates improved (Gregson, & Blacker,
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