Ebsilon Professional

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EBSILON®Professional The Planning Tool for the Power Plant Process www.steag-energyservices.com EBSILON®Professional – The Planning Tool for the Power Plant Process EBSILON®Professional is a simulation system for thermodynamic cycle processes that is used for plant planning, design and optimization. Maximize the benefits of repowering and retrofitting measures by simulating them in EBSILON®Professional. Design a performance-optimized plant for your application scenario by introducing specific parameters into the model. Calculate the effects of component degradation, various load cases and changes in environmental conditions. Simulate the operation of newly developed components in a cycle. 2 Precise planning is the basis for a…show more content…
G G G G The component library of EBSILON®Professional contains components both for all typical power plant processes and for specific applications like desalination plants, solar power plants, chiller or fuel cell applications. The components are adjusted to the actual performance behavior by means of parameters and characteristics. The modeling options can be expanded as required with the help of programmable components. G G G G Logic components: controllers signal transformers calculation modules efficiency meters etc. G G G G Continuous maintenance and further development of the component library ensure that at all times the latest technical applications can be modeled in EBSILON®Professional. G Individual components: Kernel scripting DLL-programmable component G G 8 Processes in T,s-Diagram Report in MS Excel Display and Analysis of Results EBSILON®Professional offers numerous ways to display the results of the simulations. These include text fields and value crosses for displaying the results in the model as well as the representation of the processes in state diagrams. Export to MS Excel allows to further process the simulation results easily. G G G G G Value crosses, text and alarm fields in the model Simulation reports in MS Excel State diagrams: q,T; h,s; h, xi; T,s; log(p),h Convergence and
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