Ebt Task 1 Essay

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RUNNING HEAD: CRITIQUE OF EVIDENCE BASED ARTICLES Critique of Evidence Based Nursing Latoya Dotson Western Govenors University EBT 1 May 26, 2011 Critique of Articles Introduction The article by Schindler, (2011) was chosen because of the clinical relevance to direct patient care and patients acquiring pressure ulcer. The articile was retrieved and summarized in the graphic below. Further research was collected to evaluate other aspects of the same interventions and a annotated bibiliography was created. The evience was reviewed for relevance and synthesized as it relates to nursing practice and acquiring pressure ulcers. Bottom of Form Reseach Report and Summary . |Article |Protecting fragile…show more content…
| Assessment of the Evidence The author conclude in their research report that the overall incidence of the pressure ulcer among critically ill infants and children is greater than 10%. Based on the analysis of the research report and the following areas, background information, review of the literature,methodology, data analysis and conclusion, the edvience presented sufficiently supports the researchers conclusion. The author research involved identifying variables consistent with their research topic and then validly measuring them for reliable results.due to phenomology design that was used, the procedure to collect data was simple to carry out with little room for errors, this adding credibility to the evidence and helping to support the conclusion. Ethical isues The research faced ethical situations throughout the research process and identify them in the report. Participation of the study for the patients with pressure ulcers were voluntary and all participants consented to being apart of the study. The research failed to incorporate various sub-divisions and refused to exclude anyone from the study regardless if one individual had a higher incidence of acquiring pressure ulcers than another individual with a lower incidence.the study was also retrospective so no interventions were assigned.each units had their generalized policy and procedure of how to manage a pressure ulcer.
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