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A1. Procedure The operating room (O.R.) procedure of operating on the wrong site although, inconceivable to those outside of the healthcare industry does occur in hospitals across the country. Wrong site surgery may include operating on the wrong site, on the wrong person, or doing the wrong procedure (Bergal, Schwarzkopf, Walsh, & Tejwani, 2010). The O.R. is one area in the hospital where medical errors or near misses can occur (Mulloy & Hughes, 2008). As noted by Pelczarski,
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The Safe Surgery Save Lives initiative undertaken by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2008 focused on implementation of a surgical checklist. The safety checklist requires the surgical site be checked during the check in process as well as during the surgical time out. The nursing director, chief of surgery, and medical director for the O.R. are responsible for developing a policy that meets the needs of the current facility. Nursing, anesthesia, and surgical staff should have input into the policy. The policy change should be approved by hospital administration.
A2b. Rationale The current policy requires the attending surgeon mark the correct site for surgery with the patient confirming the site in the preoperative holding area prior to receiving any anesthesia. Currently a safety checklist is used during the time out process in the O.R. but the patient is sleeping. The expectation is the site marked by the surgeon and the patient will remain visible after the patient is drapped for the procedure. The National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) in 2005 noted this to be an appropriate procedure. As noted by Haugen, Murugesh, Haaverstad, Eide, and Softeland (2013) wrong site surgery continues to be a problem that can be prevented through the use of a checklist. In 2008, WHO published guidelines to ensure the safety of surgical patients. The guidelines included

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