Ebusiness Task 1

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Heather Taylor
QRT2 Task 1

Viability of product or service
“Taylor Tech and Learning” is a small home based business located in Small Town, AR. Taylor Tech currently does not have a website but could use one to increase web imprint and bring more business to the company. The company is located within the city limits of the small town. The business is frequented by the local people but offers so much more than just a quick computer fix and great customer service. The company offers a range of services. Computer repair, lessons, and tutoring are all usually completed by calling to see if they have time to offer the services via phone call.
There is currently no online presence with Taylor Tech and with most business’s today that is
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They are marketing their customers as friends to them instead of just another customer which puts some people at ease. Making the customer comfortable helps them trust the tech. There is no international presence within the company. If they were to offer international services, the customer base may grow by at least 20%.

Online Marketing Suggestions & Strategies
Taylor Tech offers services for all ages from 5-99. Most customers are ages 25-50 with home desktops and laptops experiencing slowness of computers. Other customers are interested in classes to gain knowledge for either personal experience or to use for work and school purposes. By going after this audience you will cover everyone with computers that either just need a computer tech to visit them on site or customers who just want to learn more about their computers and software’s they own. Taylor Tech's biggest competitors offer all the same services, but what sets you all apart is Taylor Tech wants to offer the learning classes online, chat services online, and remote support online for a small fee which you can pay online. None of the competitors offer online payment of any sort. No only a friendly face and voice but also customer convenience is a top priority.
Taylor Tech will improve the customer experience by offering all customers a free tutorial on how to use the site and use the services effectively through remote desktop so the customer does not have to leave their

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