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Company analysis project 2012 Handed out the 23rd of April Hand in the 25th of May List of content 1. DESCRIPTION OF THE COMPANY . 1.1 Company presentation 2. 2. ASSIGNMENTS 11 2.1 Marketing 11 2.2 Organization 12 2.3 Communication 12 3. PURPOSE 12 4. CONTENT 13 5. EXTENSION AND SIZE OF GROUPS 13 6. SUPERVISION 13 7. DEADLINES 13 ECCO achieved record results in 2011 (Source: ) In 2011, ECCO achieved the highest surplus in the company’s history with a profit before tax of DKK 904 million. This highly satisfactory result was particularly due to successful new collections and improvements in sales in most of ECCO’s markets. The outcome could have been…show more content…
ECCO’s men’s shoes also experienced considerable success in the market, but ECCO’s golf shoe accounted for the best results. Sales increased by 42% and todayECCO is regarded as the most talked-about and soughtafter brand in this segment. ECCO’s sales initiatives were strengthened by the global marketing campaign, based on ECCO’s Danish roots and Scandinavian design. Similarly, efforts continued with the opening of ECCO stores and shop-in-shops worldwide and in November ECCO celebrated the opening of store number 1000, which opened in the Mall of America in Minneapolis. It was also an advantage in 2011 that ECCO has significant geographic diversification of its markets. ECCO’s markets in Asia and North America showed strong growth, while the European markets were generally affected by the economic situation. ECCO works intensively to attract talented people and to further train its employees. ECCO introduced internal senior management training, as well as new internal training for leather technicians, production specialists and shop staff. ECCO faced an unusually large number of challenges in 2011 and, without impressive efforts on the part of employees worldwide, the company would not have achieved such good results. The year 2012 will of course be affected by the flooding in Thailand, but with the confirmed new orders for the

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