Ecco a/S-Global Chain Value Management

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Case 4-2 : ECCO A/S – Global Value Chain Management. ECCO is a worldwide company acting on the market of the shoes manufacturing. It has been created for more than 40 years and is one of the leaders of the market. The company key point in his product is the quality with a combine production: manual and machinery, a production of their leather made in-house and a unique direct injection technology. With this different assets the firm aimed to become the producer of the world’s most comfortable and modern footwear for work, leisure and festive occasion with a target market constituted by all gender: men, women and children. ECCO has an international profile on several points, first with his workforce to guarantee to use capabilities,…show more content…
In my opinion, ECCO should consider maybe to close this unit in Portugal and concerning Denmark to reduce productions, which are going through this place. At least, I will recommend to the firm to do a filter analysis to plan in which future country they want to open a new market. If China is among these country, I think they should conduct all other analysis and research necessary before to enter and check they have all keys of success: a sales strategy, market studies, a deep knowledge of customers and a good distribution network. Once this has been check they have to take care of the four important dynamics in such an implementation: Time, Control, Cost and Risk and to answer to the good questions: Is the comparative advantage of the country enough important? Are Competitive pressures from domestic and foreign-based companies and the necessity to compete in the competitors’ home and third country markets not too much important? At least, they will have to think well about redesigning the set of activities and interfaces among them in the Chinese market but also to think again the design to accrue significant gains in the firm’s cost structure, asset, investment and, or speed of responsiveness to external environmental changes. Once they

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