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Early Childhood Education: The Curriculum That Matters Most Stacie Emery ECE 311 Prof. Carly Davenport November 21, 2011 * * * * Early Childhood Education: * The Curriculum That Matters Most Introduction As times change, it seems that education must change as well, to fit the ever-changing needs of our youth. For children of any age, education is a complex thing, but so very important for each of them to succeed in anything they do. California State Standards imitate the National standards for educational values. Each child has a right to quality, formal and age appropriate education. Even before Pre-K, children will begin absorbing mass quantities of information. This will continue for the rest of their…show more content…
The CAEYC website states, “OUR MISSION The California Association for the Education of Young Children is dedicated to advancing excellence throughout the early care and education profession. OUR VISION CAEYC envisions a respected professional workforce providing developmentally appropriate and culturally sensitive, high-quality, early care and education for all young children achieved through research, education, professional development and advocacy. OUR EXTERNAL VALUES •We believe that quality, early care and education in the lives of young children enables them to reach their full potential. •We believe that appropriate systems of early care and education are an indispensable part of a community's infrastructure. •We believe that a well-informed community will advocate for the resources necessary to improve the quality of life for their children. •We believe that quality, early care and education is provided by well-trained professionals who understand a child's developmental needs and possess the competencies necessary to reach their potential. •We believe that providing quality, early care and education is the result of lifelong learning where theory, standards, and practice are shared routinely and openly among professionals, government and public officials, as well as parents. •We believe in valuing the diversity that exists within our
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