Ece Governance Of The Early Childhood Education Governance

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ECE Governance
Out of the all these years the Early Childhood Education Governance is been help people to look forward to a great future with different policies for child care and education. It is usually that the governance work with every decision about the people rights. Since the governance has been work toward the help people to live better. In the paper I will briefly summarize and give examples of the three phrases of ECE governance, evaluate the three versions of administrative integrations from the perspective of my own philosophy of education believed from moving toward shared responsibility and accountability and explain each version aligns with my philosophy and prior experience with the versions including identify and describe which of the five issues in the greatest challenge to building authority and accountability into governance entities in early education and care settings.
First, since the reading of the three phase of ECE governance is the make life better for children. “In early care and education, the framing of and work around governance have been evolutionary enterprises. (Feeney 16) The Phase I: The programmatic approach for individual program standards to improve and building the skills and knowledge of parenting that help the parent become participation and engaging in their children and families. It is consistency with children learns at home and early childhood education environment and the parents improved social support and informal…
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