Echocardiographic Assessment

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Moreover, the prognostic information is incremental to clinical data and standard echocardiographic assessment of LV systolic and diastolic function. There is proof that LAVI ≤ 28 ml/m2 is powerfully predictive of normal stress echocardiogram (Alsaileek et al., 2006). Although a robust data in this perspective is awaited, it holds pos-sibilities to offer a simple means of detecting patients with low ischemic risk. LA volume is closely related to LV mass/hypertrophy, systolic and di-astolic dysfunction. The incremental value of each parameter for the expec-tation of death is expected to diminish when considering others. But LAVI originates its importance in adding incremental value in expecting mortality.…show more content…
The atria are positioned in the far field of apical views. The image quality of LA is therefore not ideal. Adjustment of gain settings may not increase image quality as increase in gain will further decrease LA lumen size. Inadvertent planimetry of a foreshortened LA would introduce considerable errors in volume assessment. Therefore it is essential that maximal LA size be gained during volume assessment. These pitfalls cannot be negated by 3-D imaging owing to decreased resolution thus making LA trace difficult. Certain ques-tions need to be answered. Does decrease of LA size with therapy translate into improved outcomes? (Tsang et al., 2006). What is the natural history of LA remodeling? Future studies are warranted to further our
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