Echolocation Is A Sensory Ability That Uses The Reflection

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Echolocation is a sensory ability that uses the reflection of sound to locate objects. It works by emitting high frequency sound waves into their environment and reflecting off objects. The sound waves returns back to the animal for visual guidance. The information perceived from emitting the sound waves are typically used for distance and direction but are also used in a variety of ways such as finding food or escaping from predators. There are certain animals that use these traits both in water and in air in similar ways. Prime examples of these animals are bats and whales. More specifically the kind of bats that use echolocation is known as micro bats. The specific whale that uses echolocation is known as Toothed whales (example:…show more content…
These large ears (although stunting maneuverability) allow them to compensate for their lack of eyesight by being able to hear at very high frequencies. Hearing at an incredible range allows Microbats ears to cooperate with an incredible technique they use called echolocation. Now there are two major groups bats are divided into, Megabats and Microbats. Only Microbats use echolocation and as mentioned before, echolocation is the use of emitting high frequency sound waves to their environment giving “visual” guidance to the Bat. Toothed whales are within the cetacean species and consist of all species of dolphin and porpoise. The name itself is self-explanatory given that these whales have teeth. Whales being born with teeth are naturally aggressive hunters in their species (examples like killer whales and sperm whales). Majority of toothed whales are considerably small compared to the other species of whales. The varieties of food these marine animals eat vary from each species of the Toothed whales. They are known to eat about anything in the ocean like fish, squid, octopus, sharks, penguins, and even other whales. Furthermore, besides having teeth, these whales consist of a technique unique only to their kind called echolocation. This is used in deep dark depths of the ocean to detect size, direction, density, and distance of their prey as well as their environment. This

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