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D.Min. Project Prospectus Sharon L. Smith I. Title: Bridging the Gap: A Pilot Project Aimed at Mutually Equipping Church and Business Leaders for Kingdom Impact II. The Context: Followers of Jesus Christ who possess a divine calling, talents, and gifts to work and serve God through specific voluntary or paid vocations in the workplace face daily opportunities to impact the Kingdom of God. When believers walk by faith and obedience in the revelation that God’s divine presence and purpose is with them daily in their work lives, God empowers them to lead change that can transform lives, businesses, and even nations. Believers clearly see this truth in the lives of Abraham, Joseph, Daniel, and Nehemiah. The Great…show more content…
Many marketplace leaders express a desire to have greater impact for God in the workplace, but their view and understanding of Kingdom ministry hinders them. The common belief that sacred is separate from secular is pervasive among marketplace believers. This view is detrimental to the advancement of the Kingdom. Contrary to this belief, Scripture represents a holistic approach, which views work as worship with all believers as one-of-a kind ministers of God’s grace in the context in which He places them. A deficient understanding of the importance of a God-given calling to serve the Kingdom in a marketplace vocation weakens a believer’s perspective and witness as he or she seeks to engage with unsaved humanity. Also, many Spirit-filled marketplace ministers lack hope and faith that the gifts of the Spirit will operate through them in workplace contexts. The present state of corruption, greed, and moral failure among leaders in corporate America bears witness to the need for the Church to more effectively engage in the marketplace. Informed and relevant equipping and empowering of workplace believers by knowledgeable church leaders can help direct God’s followers toward this goal. Greater and more industrious works of service are possible through increased communication and collaboration between church and

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