Eclectic Approach

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Nowadays, English has become the Global language. It is the language of science, technology, economic, etc. As a result, learning English has become an essential need for everyone. While learners try their best to reach their goal of successful communicator in foreign language, teachers find ways to make language teaching effective. In this fashion, considering and choosing the right way in teaching is prior thing for all of teachers and I am not an exception. We have witnessed the dominance of Communicative Approach with Communicative Language Teaching in the world in general and in Vietnam in particular recent years. For me, I will use the Eclectic Approach to teach English in the future due to
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Another reason is to catch up with globalization of English as well. According to Le Van Canh, Vietnam introduced CA (approach employed by Communicative Language Teaching) into its school system rather late than its neighbors such as China, Hong Kong, or Thailand (Canh, 2009). CLT replaced GMT when The Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) organized the design of the new curriculum and the writing of new textbooks for all school subjects in 2002. However, the application of CA faces many challenges. The challenges are from the teachers, learners, the class constrains, the syllabus. Vietnamese students and teachers are still familiar with GTM that has influence on them for long time, so the change into the new one is not easy at all. In addition, the class size with over forty students per class is one thing that make us concern. Also, the mismatch between the textbook and testing system is another one concern as well. While textbook focuses on four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing, testing still focuses on testing linguistic competences only on that grammar and reading only as Wang 2008 once stated “while curriculum developers and textbook writers emphasize the adoption of a communicative approach to teaching, classroom pedagogy has remained textbook-based, test-oriented and teacher-fronted ( cited in Canh & Barrnard, 2009: 28). So eclectic approach which combines the traditional one and modern one is the solution in this
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