Eclinic Works for Health Care

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RESEARCH PAPER E-CLINIC WORKS FOR HEALTH CARE HECA 551 INFORMATION SYSTEMS FOR HEALTH CARE MANAGEMENT PROFESSOR GAIL J. ROBIN (DBA) RESEARCHED BY BHAVIKKUMAR PATEL ID# 109002034 PATEL_BJPHARMA@YAHOO.CO.IN Introduction Hospitals, healthcare system, Physicians practices don’t know the actual costs of their service, their responsibilities, their part to state the persons healthcare and secure the health information secrete. They are always trying to improve the way of therapy effectively and control the cost of service by providing a satisfactory care to the customers/patient. There is another question of cost effective health delivering services. Need to develop a new technology…show more content…
On other hand doctors can easily remind patient and his history to look at the patient portal. Benefits: - more secure to communicate patients, keeps record of patient history, accurate and effective treatment due to less misguiding, patient keep aware to his treatment due to assessment of portal records, promote to easier performance of preventive care, patient able to request prescription refills, send and receive message from patient and nurse to get complete health assessment, examine their statements. Also is able to look at their balance and much more. There is one article published by MEDINFO 2004 by Yusof Rahman, based on Diabetes Mellitus a group of metabolic disorders and its complications are associated with morbidity and early mortality. The newly advantage of concepts of e-clinic as an electronic triage system with integrated health care records, related to decision support system to analyze patients data and provide a continuous monitoring system according to agreed clinic guidelines. The e-clinic works as the filtering system to identify unstable patients. A newly diagnosed diabetic patient was having on controllable diabetes than physician put on e-clinic work. Patient and physician can assess his regular schedule of treatment online. Patient who has been referred to e-clinic will receive an appointment date for routine blood test such as HbA1c, patient get the three

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