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Supply & Demand Simulation Erica Bradford ECO/365 June 19, 2013 Jeremy Alessandro Supply & Demand Simulation Goodlife Management is the sole provider of apartments available for rent in the city of Atlantis in which the supply and demand simulation provided by UPOX takes place. The simulation provides excellent, real-life examples of how the supply and demand curves may shift based upon various factors that occur within the market in Atlantis. The following details such examples as microeconomics versus macroeconomics, equilibrium pricing, and what drives the elasticity of the market price of the two-bedroom apartments that are available for rent in Atlantis. The study of microeconomics focuses on the impact of individual…show more content…
Goodlife Management experienced an increase in the demand curve of rental apartments due to the decrease in the rental rate. This shift in the demand curve would cause the equilibrium price to slightly increase because the demand curve would shift to the right and the supply curve would stay the same causing the price to fall higher upon that demand curve. The quantity of the apartments available would stay the same and ultimately would encourage the property manager to follow through with the decision to decrease the rental price. A great example of a shift in the supply curve occurred when the property manager was asked to rent all of the 2500 apartments available in order to obtain zero percent occupancy. With the increase of the monthly rental price, Goodlife Management shall have more incentive to lease more apartments to tenants. This shift in the supply curve would drive the equilibrium price in a more positive direction to further encourage the rental of more apartments. The quantity of apartments would obviously increase caused by the increase in the supply available for rent. Such a decision to rent additional apartments at a higher price would more than likely be a definite alternative as revenue shall increase as the vacancy rate gets closer to zero percent. Ebara Technologies, Inc. (ETI) is a nationwide corporation who manufactures vacuum pumps in which one of the corporate offices resides

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