Eco 372 Week 6 Research

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Week 1 During week one meet with staff and providers to discuss the research that supports my change project. Also, randomly talking with patients to get their input and what they feel would meet their learning needs. Meeting with the stakeholders from my clinic. Reaching out to the IT department and meeting with the finance department. Week 2 Create a presentation with all the information that has been received. During this time, a meeting with leadership will take place. During this meeting they will be provided with the research that has been done as well as what our patients are telling us they need. This meeting will provide me with the information needed to get this project moving forward. Another meeting will be scheduled in two weeks. Week 3-4 This time will be spent gathering any other information needed before having the first meeting with all the stakeholders. The…show more content…
The stakeholders will meet again to discuss where we are in the process what costs have been, and we will be able to view some of the new software. Week 10 This week will be the last stakeholder bi-weekly meeting; we will preview all the new software. The group will receive some education on the new system. A more in-depth training session will take place with the staff in the OB/GYN before the implementation. This group will plan to meet monthly as the project is implemented and rolled out. Week 11 From this point through implementation, the staff and providers will receive the needed education. Patients will also be educated on the new resources available. All information will be added to the website by the clinic manager. Post implementation staff compliance would be monitored by randomly asking patients if they received the new information. Staff education will be offered for those who are not compliant. Patients will be followed monthly to ensure we are meeting their needs since implementing the new
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