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Contents Section 1 2 1.1 Market Failure 2 1.2 Public goods 2 1.2.1 Relation between Market failure and Public goods 2 1.3 Merit goods 2 1.3.1 Relation between Merit goods and Market Failure 2 1.4 Externalities 2 1.5 Imperfect competition 3 Section 2 4 2.1 UK government policy on the environment 4 2.2 About the policy 5 2.2.1 Water quality 5 2.3 Instruments the government use to achieve their policy 5 2.4 A justified evaluation of the performance of the policy in relation to its use within the UK 6 References 7

Section 1
1.1 Market Failure Market Failure is an economic situation where free market fails to allocate resources efficiently. It is the abbreviated situation in the any market where the curves
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To be fair the price in the market, the government has to tax these monopoly markets.

Section 2
2.1 UK government policy on the environment
One of the good choice is the UK government policy in the environment because the environment from the UK is very eco-friendly. In Myanmar, there is a lot of rubbish on the street and water is not clean enough. So, instead of Myanmar environment be UK environment. Moreover, there are some issue about greenhouse such as global warming, a company fined for illegally dumping waste, a drought or flood blamed on pollution, a health scare about car exhausts and smog in tropical countries.
There are 15 policies in the UK government on the environment. They are; 1. Marine Fisheries 2. Waste and recycling 3. Flooding and coastal change 4. Forests and woodland 5. Marine environment 6. Radioactive and nuclear substances and waste 7. Sustainable development 8. Business and the environment 9. Biodiversity and ecosystems 10. Water quality 11. Water and sewerage services 12. Energy efficiency in buildings 13. Farming industry regulation 14. Environment quality 15. Greenhouse gas emissions.
All of them, the best choosing is the water quality because not only human being but also animals and plant are using water.
According to the website case study “DFID Sierra Leone’s WASH portfolio” is implementing a major £50
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