Eco-Efficiency Creating More Value with Less Impact

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DEDICATED TO MAKING A DIFFERENCE eco-efficiency creating more value with less impact foreword In 1991, we in the then Business Council for Sustainable Development were looking for a single concept, perhaps a single word, to sum up the business end of sustainable development. Finding no such concept on the lexicographer s shelf, we decided we would have to launch an expression. After a contest and much agonizing, we came up with eco-efficiency. In simplest terms, it means creating more goods and services with ever less use of resources, waste and pollution. After only a decade, eco-efficiency is everywhere. I just now did a web search on one search engine, which offered me 6,149 more web sites about eco-efficiency. Today,…show more content…
They, along with the many other participants at our various events and workshops, have contributed to the development of our thinking on eco-efficiency. A team of champions from our member companies and from our local BCSDs and regional network partners reviewed the concept and drafts for this report. We should like to thank them for their feedback and suggestions for improvement. Finally my thanks go to Markus Lehni, who conceptualized and wrote this report. For the last four years, he has been the brand manager for eco-efficiency at the WBCSD and has led our work programs on Eco-efficiency Metrics & Reporting, the EEEI, and Sustainability through the Market, as well as several other of the WBCSD s activities related to environmental management issues, such as Sustainability Reporting and Stakeholder Dialogue. He has actively disseminated our messages on eco-efficiency to many constituencies and made it possible that a growing number of companies have now adopted eco-efficiency and also that it is becoming seen as a valuable policy tool in many parts of the globe. We wish him well as he leaves the WBCSD. I hope that you enjoy reading this report and that you are able to make good use of the ideas and suggestions it contains, so helping to bring about further much-needed progress toward sustainable development. Björn Stigson President, WBCSD October 2000 setting the scene table of contents executive summary 4 CHAPTER 1 8 embracing
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