Eco Tourism in Australia

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In Twenty-First Century, pollution is a big issue in over the world so people are carefully pay more their attention on protecting the environment than ever. Therefore, ecotourism has been introduced to customer by many tourism businesses include hotel, resort, airline or safari. This essay will compare and contrast some tourism business’s sustainable programs such as Eco Beach Resort, Habitat HQ Hostel and Qantas Airline. Then it will discuss the impacts of these sustainable options may have on the consumer’s decision process. Now people very care how their activities can impact to the environment. People want to live close the wildlife and less impact to the environment. To participant in world protecting environment, many tourism businesses try to introduce their green program to their customer. The essay compares three different types of tourism businesses and their green programs. First of all, it is Eco Beach Resort which is located in Broome, West Australia. This is completely one hundred percent eco resort. According to their website (Eco Beach Resort, 2014), their mission is providing high standard and fabulous wilderness experience to the customer and trying to leave less impact on the surrounding landscape. There are 25 eco villas and 30 luxurious styles eco tents. The structure and design of the resort bring customer closer to the nature with native bush garden, bamboo floor boards, composite eco decking and to maximise the flow of fresh ocean breezes and the
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