Ecobus Marketing Coursework - Nokia - The Wireless Giant Essay

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Ecobus Marketing Coursework - Nokia - The Wireless Giant Ecobus Marketing Coursework "Nokia - The Wireless Giant" Introduction & Purpose For this coursework, I have decided to study the wireless giant, Nokia. Nokia is, unarguably, the leader in the world of mobile communications. The brand boasts a significant number of users from around the world, ranging from Europe to the Americas, and from Africa to the Asia Pacific. Nokia's success has been aided by its experience, innovation and its user-friendliness and thus, has become the leading supplier of mobile phones and other related products around the globe. The aim of this project is to identify how Nokia has approached its market and what has enabled the company to…show more content…
The 60's were an important era as it was Nokia's first step into the market of telecommunications. As the 1980's approached and the micro-computer age arrived, Nokia was very much involved and emerged as a major producer of computers, monitors and TV sets. Since then, Nokia has come a long way. After the end of 2001, the company's net sales summed up to US$ 28.15 billion. It boasted 18 production facilities in 10 different countries around the world and a research and development in 15 countries. Its sales is now spanning 130 countries around the globe backed with its workforce of 54,000 people. With a dedicated workforce determined to constantly innovate, with its existing range of products and Nokia's new ventures, for the company, the sky seems to be the limit. The Marketing Mix- 4P's To determine the marketing mix for a product is essential to any company. They are the main variables through which a firm carries out its marketing strategies. These variables are more commonly known as the 4 P's. They are… · Product · Place · Price · Promotion Here, I will look into detail the marketing mix for Nokia. Product The product is the most important aspect of the marketing mix. The reason for this is that without a product, a company will be like a vehicle without wheels. It is only after determining the product that the company can think about the

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