Ecofeminism Essay

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Today, we live in a world interwoven with women's oppression, ecological degradation, and the exploitation of workers, race, and class. In the midst of these troubles, a movement known as ecofeminism appears to be gaining recognition. In the following, I hope to illustrate this revitalization movement . I will begin by characterizing a definition of ecofeminism; I will then bring to the forefront the ethical issues that Ecofeminism is involved with, then distinguish primary ideas and criticisms.
Though in theory, ecological feminism has been around for a number of years, it emerged as a political movement in the 1970s. Francoise d'Eaubonne, a French feminist philosopher, coined the term "Ecofeminism" in 1974. Ecofeminism is a feminist
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Patriarchal views privilege masculine over feminine, reason over emotion, competition over cooperation and force over empathy.
The Ecofeminist believes it to be evident in our world that these aforementioned dichotomies are abetting to a world lacking in equilibrium. Because we value terms like ‘progress', ‘competition', as well as ‘economic and technological growth' over language such as ‘contemplation', ‘cooperation' and ‘inner growth'. Our "western" society has become a globalized world of high technology. There appears to be no ability to see beyond, to see what we have encased ourselves in; an artificial environment that has remarkably replaced the original, nature itself. We do not live with nature; we live above it, off it. I find it to be rather paradoxical that nature can exist and has existed without humans, but humans cannot exist without nature. Nature has become merely a resource to sustain our artificial environment. I will exemplify certain dichotomies that support the aforementioned conceptual framework. Reason vs. Emotion Culture vs. Nature Scientific vs. Mystical Rational vs. Intuitive Hierarchy vs. Circle Masculine vs. Female
Ecofeminists challenge the patriarchal conceptual framework and the accompanying dualistic thinking. Ecofeminism seeks to create a convergence between masculine entities or "energy" (rational thinking,
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