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Discuss how the leadership talent pipeline at Ecolab was critical to executing its business strategy. The CEO and executives got together and came up with a strategy that grows the company. They had to capitalize on success to capture greater share in markets. What this mean is they had to go a step higher than where the company currently stands. I think because they don’t want to get comfortable and stuck and can’t grow. They also are looking for new opportunities for the company to expand. With this being said they are trying to develop a broader range of cleaning and sanitizing products. They want to keep up with competition and exceed them. I think once they got everything done nationally they want to go globally; they probably…show more content…
To me, new ideas are what grow the company. Discuss the critical elements of the talent pipeline model at Ecolab. a. Analysis of the number of new associates who would be necessary to lead the workforce would be a critical element. Basically they were preparing for the growth of the company by making sure the management team and leaders. So they had to promote within the company and then bring in new employees to train. They would also hire from outside the company but why do that if you have qualified individuals at the company. It will cost less and probably be more beneficial to the company. b. Expanding recruiting efforts which was usually done by the HR department. If they are expanding they know they are going to have to use their resources because they want to make sure they are hiring the best of the best. c. Redefining high potential was also a critical element. They aren’t just basing it on the performance but on capability, ambition and commitment. Just because they perform their jobs well doesn’t mean they could take on the new roles. d. Talent council is basically the CEO and executive that’s watching and seeing who is growing. They are pushing the managers so they can continue to push employees which will continue to grow the business. Discuss the result of the talent manager strategy at Ecolab. The talent pipeline
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