Essay on Ecolab’s Profile and It Function

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Ecolab’s Profile and IT function

Abidemi Agboola

Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota

Schools of Graduate & Professional Programs

ITM 605, Business Profile and IT Function description

Doug Olson, MS, Instructor

January February 6, 2013


Ecolab Inc. is on the major producer of cleaning products and programs for hospitals, food services and energy industries. The aim of this paper is to focus on various aspects of the company. This paper will focus in depth on some of the important functions that help keep the company above the fray. Functions--such as, it business models, design and manufacturing of good and services will be discussed. The company’s vital products
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Ecosure – The Ecosure business unit work with various foods services onsite to maintain highest standard of food safety.
Equipment care – The equipment care unit provide onsite repair and training to various fast food chain businesses.
Food safety – The food safety unit provides hygienic programs and products to various agricultural companies and restaurants.
Healthcare – The healthcare care unit design and manufacture various surgical products and sanitizers for hospitals.
Institutional – The intuitional units is biggest Ecolab unit. The institutional unit produce all the cleaning products used in most public and privates institutions (e.g. schools, hotels, motels and various military buildings and hospitals)
Kay - The Kay unit, also known as Kay chemical, located in Greensboro, North Carolina. Kay supplies sanitizing products to small businesses. (E.g. supermarket and grocery stores)
Nalco – Since it acqucision in 2009, the Nalco business unit serves as water purification and solution for Ecolab. “The business units also focuses on reducing energy, water and natural resources consumption, enhance air quality, minimize environmental releases and improve productivity and end products while boosting their bottom line” (
Pest Elimination – The pest elimination unit various pesticides products and services to aid restaurants and fast food chain from pest problems
Pure force – The pure force business units provide sanitation solutions to small
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