Ecological Crisis Has Been Associated With The Environmental Pollution

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Ecology is a scientific study and analyses of the interaction between organisms and their immediate environment. Therefore, ecological crisis has been considered as the misunderstanding that exists between the environment and living organism particularly, the human race. The major ecological crisis has been associated with the environmental pollution (Westra 122). Notably, race and ethnicity have been considered to be significant contributing factors to the ecological crisis than the economic income and class. Ecological crisis has since led to racism particularly in regions occupied by different races. For instance, the affluent black communities have been associated with high toxic environmental waste sites than the poorer whites. This notion was pegged on the fact that more than 60% of the black American communities had at least a toxic waste site in their boundaries (Westra 97). The statistic explains the poor health nature and lower life expectancies among the affected black Americans. Ecological racism has for many years been associated with people of the color who suffer from unsatisfactory diets, exposure to pervasive pollutants, and second-rate medical care. In some cases, the children of these classes of citizens are subjected to unhealthy old paints and bad smelling air from diesel fumes. These environmental conditions are highly demoralizing and source of stress to the occupants (Westra 136). The environmental breakdown has underappreciated the lives of the

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