Ecological Footprint Quiz Analysis

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Ecological Footprint Quiz Analysis Before I had seen the results to my ecological footprint quiz, I was under the impression that my habits were rather minimalist versus that of some of the individuals I know personally. But the fact of the matter is in order for planet Earth to sustain my living habits, it would take 4.4 total planets to generate enough resources. That number seems absurd, and I now have a better grasp on the reality that I need to make a change to my lifestyle habits. If I am to leave the world behind to someone else, I need to limit my consumer habits and practice a more sustainable lifestyle. The ecological footprint quiz started off reviewing my eating habits. The first thing it asks is the country of residence. Then it reflects how often I ate certain meats and dairy related items. It checks to see the amount of fresh produce versus processed foods that you purchase. It also considers what material items you get, and how often you buy and replace them. It checks what kinds of residence you live in, whether you have electricity and running water, and how many people live with you. It also considers size of the home, materials of the building and any forms of renewable energy the home utilizes. In my case I don’t believe my household uses any forms of renewable energy. I know that our energy supplier is the Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative, and they claim nearly 10% of their energy comes from renewable sources, although the biggest majority is oil
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