Ecological Footprint Report By Krystle Ong Rui Xin ( S3464170 )

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Ecological Footprint Report by Krystle Ong Rui Xin (s3464170) (Image courtesy of Introduction Objective of the ecological footprint calculator “Ecological footprint is a quantitative evaluation of the amount of natural resources needed to produce human needs like food, energy and materials and to also absorb the wastage of an individual, region or a city.” (EPA, 2008) The Ecological Footprint Calculator (Wackernagel, 2005) is a calculator which enables us to calculate the size of an individual’s use of Natural Capital to carry on their lifestyle choices, determining the amount of resources available and consumed, and how much of the Earth’s finite natural resources are used to produce goods and services. The main objective of the Ecological Footprint Calculator is to identify possibilities to understand impacts on the natural environment and create changes to decrease those negative impacts on the environment. Explanation how the exercise links to sustainability as a concept “From the perspective of the Footprint, sustainability requires living within the regenerative and absorptive capacity of the planet.” (EPA, 2008) Whereas sustainability is defined by the environment, economy, society and the fairness between inter and intra-generations are all interlinked and have impacts on each other. So there is a need for provision when we are unsure of the impacts of decisions. Sustainability could also be defined as the

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