Ecological Footprint Research Paper

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My Ecological Footprint According to my Ecological Footprint score, I clearly need to improve the way I live my life. When I first moved into Tucson not much was taken into consideration. Attending the university has given few options in purchasing my meals because I have a limited amount of time to eat and sometimes I just don’t have enough money to buy eco-friendly meals. I end up buying microwavable foods that aren’t really packaged in reusable material. All my wastes end up in the same bin and I rarely recycle any newspapers, water bottles, wasted phones/batteries as well as paper. Also, driving my car seems more efficient. However, the score made me realized that I make a huge impact on the world around me through the services I acquire, mobility and transportation I take, and shelter I use. If everyone did the same activities as me, we would need 4-7 planet earths to provide enough resources. My lifestyle is comprised of 42% services. The animal products I choose to consume aren’t the best preserved nor the ones with the easy availability. The foods I eat aren’t fresh out from the market. They require to be processed and manufactured in factories and use up a vast amount of resources. It takes 21 global acres of the earth’s productivity area to satisfy my service needs. The energy required by me releases…show more content…
I at least use 20 mileages of my car every day. I drive myself practically everywhere I need to go. Friends have offered to carpool to school and have also encouraged me to start riding my bike. Unfortunately, I live almost 20 minutes away from school so this is something I can’t really consider. I will start looking into other alternatives such as scheduling at least 2 days a week to begin a carpool with at least 3 of my friends. If I change a few of my daily activities or just try to reduce the amount of resource I use, I’m positive of making an impact in prolonging our Earth’s
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