Ecological Methods And Procedures Used

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Ecological methods and procedures were used in the course of this assessment that are specifically intended to enhance the meaning of patterns seen in the data as well as ensure that the results are as valid as possible. In general, the following steps were used in order to increase the validity of findings related to the use of standardized tests: a) test were selected on the basis of which were most appropriate to the referral concerns and those that would provide the necessary and relevant information regarding the nature and reasons for the reported learning problem; b) tests that focus on assessing the specific constructs in question were utilized in addition to those that provide broad general information about functioning; c)…show more content…
On the WISC-V, subtests that measure different cognitive processing abilities combine to form five index scores: Verbal Comprehension, Visual-Spatial, Fluid Reasoning, Working Memory and Processing Speed which all together make up the Full Scale IQ score (FSIQ). Madison obtained a FSIQ of 102 (55th percentile), which falls within the Average range. However, this estimate of her general intellectual ability on the WISC-V cannot be interpreted meaningfully and should be deemphasized because she displayed considerable variability among the four indexes that consist of this FSIQ score. Madison’s indexes ranged from a standard score of 111 on Verbal Comprehension and Processing Speed Indexes (77th percentile) to a standard score of 84 on the Visual Spatial Index (14th percentile), the 27 point difference suggest that Madison’s intelligence is best understood by her performance on the separate WISC-V indexes. In addition, these broad cognitive processing index scores provide an overview of the child’s functioning in the mentioned areas, but do not provide much information into the pattern of individual strengths or weaknesses, nor does it give the total picture of a child’s cognitive functioning. Therefore, an analysis of the various subtest scores on the WISC-V and WJ-COG, needs to
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