Ecological Models And Health Behavior Change Essay

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Ecological Models And Health Behavior Change
On individual level changes in health promotion and ecological approaches target and influence multiple health behaviors. This is because the individuals living in the environment are embedded in temporary change of behaviors. Therefore it is very important to consider ecological approaches, changing health behaviors and environmental factors while designing operational and supportable health promotion plans.
Healthcare promotion is primarily based upon the public health and under this the world has changed very rapidly. Prevention against the diseases is the main health care issues and many professionals have derived many possible solutions to it. Application of ecological approaches in …show more content…

These interventions are provided by health care professionals at individual level and it is not considered safe for everyone. The medical treatments provided to control obesity may benefit an individual but the entire population may not respond well to the changing behaviors unless the root causes are not identified. That is why the obesity epidemic will continue and the people will not stop eating more than they require. The lacking is due to the contributing environmental factors like more fast food consumption, more sedentary lifestyle, less involvement in outdoor games and less use of recreational parks and walkways. The difference in the ecological approach as compared to the medical approach is it does not blame the person and addresses the complexity of the changing health behaviors (Hovell, Wahlgren & Adams, 2009).
The social etiology of the disease depends on the underlying causes of the disease which is directly related to the risk factors adopted by the people for unhealthy behaviors. These causes and factors lie in the sociocultural environment. For example heart disease, the outcome of the disease is dependent on bad eating habits, excessive use of tobacco and sedentary lifestyle. All these are considered to be the environmental influences and the researchers are working on to change these factors with the aspect of health promotion (Glass & McAtee, 2006).
Social Action Theory (SAT)
Social action

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