Ecological Problems

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Ecological Problems: The disease is not the cure The entire human population, the young, the old, the rich, the poor, the governed, and the governors, stand at a very dangerous precipice. That precipice is the degradation of the natural environment: the cutting down of the rainforests, the pollution of the air and water, climate change the overconsumption of resources and energy that are not renewable, the list goes on. Some have surmised that corporations and the invisible forces of the market will create an economic atmosphere conducive to solving these problems through traditional market forces and corporate objectives. It is true that much progress has been made by corporations to be more “green,” but the unfortunate fact is that…show more content…
Nonetheless, in an appeal to those who think differently they outline the benefits of “green management” and claim that “green management,” just like and other corporate strategy can be profitable and involves necessary risks as well. “Green management” requires corporations to “use resources wisely and responsibly, protect the environment, minimize the amounts of air, water, energy, minerals, and other materials used in the final goods people consume, recycle and reuse, respect nature’s calm, eliminate toxins that harm people in the workplace and communities, [and] reduce greenhouse gas emissions and avoid activities that do irrevocable damage to the climate.” The underlying concern any corporation should have is not necessary to increase profits but to “meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.” Corporations can be “green” by balancing social, environmental, and economic needs. Corporations can find this balance in many ways. For example, research into substance replacement of toxic chemicals can lead to less negative societal impact. Also, committing to reducing emissions will increase an organization’s positive environmental impact. Experts not only agree that green management can be profitable, but that now it is a “driving force for corporate entrepreneurship and
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