Ecological Problems Facing United States Today

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There are many ecological problems facing us in the United States today. Among those issues includes global warming, our dependence on fossil fuel, saving our endangered wildlife, and ensuring that we have safe and sufficient water. There is one environmental issue, however, that streams across all these areas, and threatens the safety of our country, and of many bodies of water all over the world, and that is the issue of Oil Spills. An oil spill can be defined as, “an unintentional release of crude oil or refined oil products into the environment.” Oil spills are considered to be a major source of chemical pollution. Most of these spills occur through human error, however, there are cases where oil seeps through deposits under the ocean floor. These spills can occur on land, in the ocean, and even when oil is spilled down storm drains that lead directly into lakes and rivers. Not only do oil spills threaten to destroy our ecosystem and endanger our wildlife, oil spills can be harmful to human beings as well. The reason that this is so stems from the fact that oil itself is considered to be “semi-volatile.” This means that it can evaporate into the air and create a heavy vapor which lingers and can be breathed in by humans, and can travel deeply into people’s lungs. This can in turn cause many health issues such as nausea, vomiting, headaches, and even difficulty breathing. Over an even longer period of time, the chemicals that are found in oil, and that are evaporated into
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