Ecological Restoration At This Site Essay

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Late stage shrubsThis site is located on Gunn Road on the outskirts of Matamata, Waikato. A tributary of the Waitoa River flows through the middle of the site. The majority of the site has wet soils, and in winter some areas can be prone to flooding, particularly nearer to the stream. Regardless the ground tends to be boggy, particularly in winter. Consequently, this was historically conifer forest or swaps (Waikato Regional Council, n.d.-b). Currently, willow, grass and blackberry dominate the majority of the site, with some existing flax plants in the wetter areas. For the most part the stream is fenced and surrounded by a dairy farm, however often cows still get near the waterway, due to weak fences. It is clear that this is a degraded site, with little indigenous flora or fauna. Consequently, there is a need for ecological restoration at this site. Ecological restoration is the process of managing a site to return it to its historic state in turns of ecosystem health and sustainability.
The general aim for this restoration is to eventually restore eight hectares of land adjacent to tributaries to the Waitoa River to native forest, with the intention for future restoration projects to continue along the Waitoa River to develop further riparian zones and forest patches. This will aid biodiversity across the wider Waikato Region and also improve landscape amenity. A positive impact on water quality is also anticipated, which will in turn improve recreation values for food
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