Ecological Restoration In America Essay

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Using geographical information systems is the most effective means of allowing the process of ecological restoration in the United States coastal regions to begin to take effect. There are many studies that indicate that America’s coastal areas are being negatively affected by environmental and human impacts (Ebi 2007). Our oceans provide some of the most fundamental ecological services that maintain health and stability on the planet including the cycling of nutrients, water, and gases (Global Restoration Network 2017). Without allowing ecological restoration to take place, ecosystems will collapse and species will die, including a rise in the mortality rate of humans. Taking action is crucial in maintaining the world, and being wise in how it is done is even more so important. The technology is there, all that it needs is someone to implement it and realize its full potential.…show more content…
This is because by allowing the earth to revert to its most natural stance, it can work as it was intended to prior to its degradation. For instance, the wetlands act as a shelter to many predatorial animals, limiting human interactions; it also acts as a barrier to flooding, caused by coastal storms; and it is especially helpful in both water and air quality, essential to all of life within the
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