Ecological Study Of The Honey Bees And The Flowers

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Ecology is the scientific study of the relationships between organisms, the interactions between organisms and their environment, and the processes involved in the distribution of organisms. Flowers pollinated by honey bees in the middle of a field can be studied ecologically. For instance: the species of honey bee inhabiting this field of flowers can be analyzed, the amount of honey bees of this particular species found on this field can be calculated, and the factors affecting the honey bee population can be investigated. This form of ecological study is called population ecology as it studies a single species population in a given area. Studying the interaction between the honey bees and the flowers, instead, goes to a different category of ecology called community ecology. Community ecology studies the relationships and interactions between different populations in a given location. Studying a broader scope like the structure and functions of all the biotic and abiotic factors of the field, including the honey bees and the flowers, dives into a different category of ecology which is called ecosystem ecology. This category looks into all the interactions going on in the system and where the energy is flowing, which is a cycle that always starts from the producers of the system to the consumers of the system. Population ecology studies the factors that affect the population size of one species in a certain geographical area. Four factors affect population
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