Ecological Theory and Its Effects on Life Events

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The two significant life events I chose to examine further are, when I met my fiancé and when I received my GED. I chose these two events because they were the most life changing, I am a better person for them. When I met my fiancé, I was at a horrible point in my life.When he entered my life, he helped me get back on my feet. He was there for me when I could not depend on anyone else and I am forever grateful to have met him. I also chose receiving my GED as another pivotal life event. Obtaining my GED has opened the door for me to further my education and it is something I would not have pursued if not for my fiancé's support. Passing the test was one of my biggest achievements, and I am very proud of my score. If not for these two major life changing events, I definitely would not be enrolled at Ashford, on my way to a Bachelor's degree.

Urie Brofenbrenner proposed a theory of five overlapping ecological systems. They focus on broad, interconnected influences on human development, such as the interactions between individuals and their environment (Mossler, 2013) While examining Brofenbrenner's rings influence on me meeting my fiancé, John, I discovered how much society comes into play. The microsystems' influence stems from the fact that we were introduced by mutual friends. The exosystem's influence lies in the fact we grew up in the same neighborhood and come from the same economic standings. This aided in John and I having similar life experiences which helped us to
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