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Ecologism There is much disagreement as to where Ecologisms origins lye, some may refer to ancient Pagon times when it could be argued that man held less explotative relationships with himself and the environment. Others may however aregue that Ecologisms origins emerged from the scientific emphasis of Ecology in the 19th century, while others propose emergence from the radical Peace movement of the 1960s. Despite the arguments as to the origins of Ecologism, there does appear to be common acceptance that Ecologisim is unlike most other ideologies because it inevitably politicises everyday tasks that would otherwise seem politically irrelevant. Ecologism may for example hold strong views on how we should travel or may ask many…show more content…
Because of the above points Maxamalists such as Kropotkin challenge nearly all ideologies in the rejection of modern Industrialisation claiming that in order for it to serve a countries population, it needs to exploit ever more resources e.g. human resources/ environmental resources etc. A good example on an international level that illustrates such a point, could include the industrially developed countries needing to exploit the 3rd world so as to maintain their level of growth. The consequences of such expolotation have included mass starvation, because 3rd world countries are forced to grow cash crops instead of using the land to feed their own people. Further consequences have included political unease, where western oil companies have exploited Nigeria. A final consequence could include a big reduction in biodiversity and native tribes eg. Brazil due to commercial logging. Ecologism genuraly argues that it is favourable for people to take control of Resources at a local level. This is why ecologism often proposes decentralisation because it allows local communities to utilise their local Resources. It argues that utalization of resources at a local level is helpful because people are naturally going to have more respect for their local community and therefore will act in a more sustainable way. Even though Maxamists and most
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