Ecologists Study the Interaction of Organisms within Their Environment

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Ecology is a biology branch which focuses on examining living organisms in their environment. Ecologist study the inactions of organisms within their environment, including ecosystems, communities and populations that influence life on earth. Economist can see the interconnection of animal and plant populations shape physical environments and the interactions of the different species.(N/A, 2014)

The biota of earths process of biochemical's is four spheres which consist of atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and lithosphere. These are driven by solar energy, decomposers, producers and the consumers that move materials in quantity. This cause inputs and outputs of inorganic and organic nutrients The
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consumers eat the producers using some chemicals in their body, 3. consumers and producers make waste returning chemicals back to the environment and 4. decomposers break down organic complex molecules dead organisms, waste and litter from plants. Rocks that are weathering and erosion gives to the abotic reservoir. Inorganic molecules from the reservoir are used as new material to make organic molecules by the producer and this cycling is global. (Simon, Dickey, Reece and Campbell, 2012,P440)

Community structure are species interacting within the communities and create food chains. Evolution brings change in relationships as species adapt to one another through the coevolution process. The elements of an biotic community is the pyramid structure which is made up of levels. The food chain passes food energy from one level to another and this energy is chemical or photosynthesis. The pyramid base has the producers and take this energy to produce organic organisms from the inorganic ones. The consumers depend on these producers indirectly or directly. The base pyramid level is different from one community to another. A terrestrial community plants that are multicellular make the base, where as lakes that are freshwater it takes a combination of algae that is single celled and plants that are multicellular. Freshwater streams does not have living plants but detritus for an energy base and plankton builds the oceans.
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