Ecology Lab Report 2 Scientific Method on Birds

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Ecology Lab 2 scientific method of birds In today’s lab we learned about the scientific method and a hypothesis. We talked about how ecologists have an issue when experimenting because they cannot control some environmental factors. Therefore the probability of repeatability in an ecological experiment in often minimal. We then went into talking about the importance of an experimenter’s hypothesis. We summed up a hypothesis as just being an assumption that could be put to the test. After we talked about some examples of a hypothesis we went into talking about the different types of research. For my two experiments in today’s lab I used natural experiments. A natural experiment is one of the most relevant types of experiments an…show more content…
For my own ecological experiment and hypothesis I came up with the idea that blue birds hang around my garden because they like to eat the beetles that are around my tomato plant. There numbers would be reliant upon how high there source was, for example the more beetles there were, the more blue birds would be there. A natural experiment would be more favorable than a lab experiment because this is happening in nature. I would have to collect the size of the garden, the number of tomato plants, the number of beetles collected at a certain time, and a field camera to count the number of times a bluebird swoops in. I think stratified random sampling technique would be the best because the number of tomato plants could impact the number of birds and beetles. Season would also be an important factor for this experiment. I would expect there to be more birds, beetles, and tomato plants depending upon the size of the garden. I think my first experiment with bees could be improved several ways. We could collect the certain type of flowers that the bees were at. Collecting the certain type of bee could also prove useful. We could go into great detail of what type of bees were attracted to what type of flower. Adding in what type of weather and what type of day got the most bees present around the flowers. I could even add in what types of bees were around what type of trees. I could improve

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